Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ok so Jessica my wonderful and adorable twin sister (get the compliment for myself...), broke into my blog and wrote the last posts..BAD GIRL!! Anyway it was ok most of those things are true..I won't say which ones aren't but you can use your imagination. We did have a "Mama's Night Out". We went to Macaroni Grill and had dinner and a few drinks (boy can my sister put them down). Afterward we went to the Tim McGraw and ....who was that other singer.....oh yeah Faith Hill. AS you can hopefully tell we were looking at ( I mean forward) to Tim McGraw. It was soooo much fun. Hopefully it won't be 5 ten years before we do that again.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The best sister EVER!!
So many people don't know but I have a twin sister and she is absolutely amazing. Not only is a great mom to the most beautiful little girl I know (aunt jenny loves you Carolyn) but she is also a great cake decorator (she's making my oldest son's 2nd birthday cake today!) and she is always there when I need her which is priceless really. No but really she is great. She has supported a husband who drags her around the country and thankfully he is getting closer to family now but still 5 hours away is a bit long with young ones when they are trapped in a car. She makes new friends just about anywhere. Although she is having a bit of a struggle in Indiana. (if those Hoosiers don't love you sis...come back to Missouri). What a great sister! Not to mention, she is beautiful (did I mention we were twins?!?) Well anyway, we're heading to a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert tonight in celebration of our birthday in August. We're getting older but it is so refreshing to know that I'll NEVER be as old as my twin sister (she's an hour and half older and always will be). Well that's my update today. Hope you enjoyed reading about how cool my sister really is. I'm out...Jess...whoops I mean Jen.