Thursday, May 28, 2009

So pretty my everything is going crappy in my life. I have had like two good things I can recall happen in the last week. 1. I won a free paper pack from a website 2. I was on the VIP list for the Launch of the new Preium Tequila 901 produced by Justin Timberlake and Ruper. It was an amazing party...well short of hitting some bricks with my parents car before the party.

We got a free t-shirt, shot glasses, and all drinks were free!! It was great to be VIP!!! I went with my little sister and a scrapbooking friend. We had a great time and it was definitely needed. Here are some pics to share:
Little Sister and I
The bar

Michelle, Elle and I
Photobucket Photobucket
Drunk leaving the building

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here is another layout of our trip to the Science Center. This is for Josh's book using the Emporium paper pack and matching stickease.

On a different note.. I am headed to the Mandrian Lounge where I made the guest list for a launch party for a new preium tequila 901 made together with Justin Timberlake. Maybe he will be there. I am so excited about this... I need some good in my life. My car a Saturn VUE 2002 had it's throttle body go out Sunday so that will cost us about $2,500. Wow do I need a drink after that number.
So I am not having the best of times in my personal life but this week seems to have things turning around. hubby is still looking for a job (ie the personal life issues) but I won today a paper pack FREE from CTMH on .. yea.. so excited. Oh if you are reading this and get time can you vote for my pic on I could win a trip to the People's Choice Awards along with 7 friends. How cool could that be!!

This is a layout I made with inspiration from a fellow consultant using Emporium paper pack.
I started Therapy again... that is scrapbooking to me. This is a kit I recieved from another consultant and I jazzed it up with some stickease from CTMH and pics of the boys. This is new paper called Tinker'n. I love this paper!!! These are pictures from the spaceship park in Maplewood.

Graduation was last night and I helped the students get ready and many teachers get their hoods on their robes. I of course had it figured out..and many teachers took advantage of that. The students were good now craziness at the graduation. They threw a beach ball but really who cares..there are worse things. Well I have to go get dinner done.. enjoy.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I have made a cake recently. I was having a "Cake Off" with a couple students in my Finite mathematics course. It is a junior/senior level course so I thought it would be appropriate for me to make something to commemorate their graduation. This was my first attempt for a basketweaving border. It is not all that hard but you have to take your time. I think it turned out great.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Here is a pic of some of my club members making our layout for April. I am so sorry that I have not been on my blog recently. I have been going through a lot of personal stress and I have been preoccupied. I haven't really even sat down and created anything recently. Which is werid because I consider my scrapbooking and creative time my therapy. So I am starting it again and will hopefully find time to post more soon.